Your Pug may be super cute, but that doesn’t mean that your dog doesn’t need discipline.

Puppy school is a great way to teach not only discipline, but also basic training. And it’s not just the dog that needs training – you and your family members do as well (including children). When the whole family takes part, you’ll be better able to manage your Pug and nurture it into a well-adjusted member of the family.

When you enroll your Pug in puppy school, it helps develop good habits right from the start. But you’ll need to wait until your puppy is at least six months old before you should consider any serious training or work.

If your Pug has behavior issues, trainers have the experience and knowledge can deal with just about anything. But make sure to choose a trainer who is purposeful and patient. The time, effort and cost you put into a well-trained dog are worth it. And, with its innate intelligence, you Pug has a good chance of becoming a great success in the obedience ring.

Even when classes are over, you’ll still need to practice the obedience lessons with your Pug. By incorporating them into your everyday routine, your dog will best remember these lessons. For example, tell your pup to “heel” while it follows you around the house, and to “sit” and “stay” while you prepare its dinner. Your wake up greeting in the morning can be for your Pug to “roll over”. Tell your dog to “go find the ball” while you get dressed and “go get the leash” before you go for walks together.

No matter what age your Pug is, training never ends. It just goes to show you that an old dog can learn new tricks… especially when it comes to obedience and discipline.


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